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We at Carousel Winery believe that wine,
like life, should be an adventure.

Full of the rich varieties that our
bountiful earth has to offer, our wine is
a tribute to the pristine beauty of nature.
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moment...Step onto the carousel and
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thrill of living, and the tastes of life.

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Carousel Farm Winery Summer Hours
Mon., Thrus, Fri. Sat. 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday  - Noon to 5 pm
Find us at
Artie Fest
Downtown Martinsville Square
July 10th Noon to 4:00 pm (Fri.)
July 11th 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm (Sat.)
Enjoy the Wine Slushies
Watermelon and Summer Jewel Wines
Festival Wine discounts will apply.
Farm winery will be closed those 2 days
Wine and Canvas
The very talented art instuctor,
Michael Fox
brought out the artistic talent in each student and all went home with creations they can proudly hang on their walls.
Watch for next class.
             1- 3 0z pkg Cherry Jell-O             
       2 Cups Carousel's Cherry Wine   
Whipped topping  
8 Marschino cherries with stems
1/4 teasp Cinnamon 
8 - 4 oz plastic cups
Make Jell -O  as directed but subsitute the
Cherry Wine for the water - fill 4 oz cups about 3/4's full - refrigerate until set-up
Top with Whipped topping, just a dash of cinnamon and a marschino cherry with the stem. Serves 8. Great for parties!
Adults only please.  

The Winery - 812-849-1005
Mitchell Winery Location
Directions: From State Rd. 37 South - East on 60 E.(between McDonalds and Wendy's)About 3 mils to Spring Mill State Park, just a few feet east of Spring Mill State Park entrance, is Lawrenceport Road.We are exactly 6.2 miles out from Hwy 60. 
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